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Motor Vehicle Injury Rehabilitation

Evaluation and treatment of issues related to motor vehicle accidents.

Why choose Fort Lee Physical Therapy?

The staff at Fort Lee Physical Therapy provides the best one-on-one therapy services in the area, and our referring doctors agree. Our therapists have advanced training in dealing with issues related to motor vehicle accidents. This advanced training allows our therapists to evaluate your specific injury in a very thorough manner to screen out serious issues that may need more medical follow up in addition to your physical therapy treatment.

Who will benefit from treatment at Fort Lee Physical Therapy?

Any person involved in a motor vehicle accident, whether it be a minor fender-bender with minimal car damage (which often means that your body took the brunt of the impact), or a serious vehicle collision with multiple injuries. We understand that the speed of the collision and the level of damage to the vehicle do not necessarily correlate to the seriousness of the injury. Your body is individual, and every body responds differently. Typically, the earlier you can begin therapy after your incident, the quicker you will recover.

What is involved in treatment?

At Fort Lee Physical Therapy, we treat your problem by looking at the whole body as well as your area of complaint. We understand that your pain or dysfunction is a combination of a variety of factors and movements, and we aim to restore you to optimal function throughout, so that you can achieve better long-term results.

We begin with a thorough evaluation to determine the appropriate course of treatment. Next, we incorporate high skill levels of joint mobilizations, soft tissue work and neuro-muscular retraining utilizing cutting edge techniques and technology to help you achieve your individual goals. You can be sure that you will spend significant, quality time with your therapist at each treatment session.

You’ll also receive close supervision of therapeutic exercises and movement retraining with our exercise specialists, and you will be given a thorough program to do on your own at home. Because we never want you to leave one of our clinics in more discomfort than when you arrived, pain control modalities may be used as well.

What are the goals of treatment?

To restore you to optimal function; empower you with knowledge and techniques so you can eventually independently manage your symptoms; and provide you with improved body awareness and movement education for long term success. We want you to reach your peak performance and highest potential, whether that is with normal daily activities, elite athletics, or weekend recreational or work activities.

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Have Questions?

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