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Amputee Care

Our amputee care program offers comprehensive evaluation, treatment and support prior to and/or after limb loss.

What is amputee rehabilitation?

It is rehabilitation intervention, provided by a team of medical professionals, prior to and/or after limb loss. Your physical therapist will work in conjunction with physicians, prosthetists, psychologists and nurses to provide comprehensive outpatient care.

What is the physical therapist’s role?

To conduct a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation and design a specialized treatment plan that includes therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and functional and prosthetic training. Throughout treatment, your physical therapist will maintain close communication with your prosthetist and physician. S/he will also provide referrals to regional and national amputee resources, including on-site peer visitation by other amputees in the community and referrals to local support groups.

Who should receive amputee rehabilitation?

Individuals considering amputation surgery and recent amputees are ideal candidates. Additionally, amputees wishing to update or advance their current functional level or adjust to new prosthetics can benefit from treatment at Fort Lee Physical Therapy.

What treatments are offered by Fort Lee Physical Therapy?

Amputee care at Fort Lee Physical Therapy encompasses a continuum of treatment options. Those options include progressive prosthetic training tailored to your individual needs for function; development of a personalized exercise program; higher level functional, balance and coordination training; techniques to address phantom pain; manual therapy; and modalities.

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