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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Evaluation and treatment of injuries to muscles, joints and bones.

What constitutes an orthopedic injury?

There are three types of orthopedic injuries:

  1.     Injuries to the muscle, including muscle tears, strains, tendonitis and others
  2. Injuries to the bone, such fractures, stress fractures, osteocondyle defects and more
  3. Injuries to the joints of the spine and extremities

What orthopedic rehabilitation services are offered by Fort Lee Physical Therapy?

At Fort Lee Physical Therapy, we provide hands-on manual therapy techniques for the treatment of all musculoskeletal injuries, as well as pre and post-operative rehabilitation. Our therapists can help you manage and treat your disorder and/or injury. Your individualized and comprehensive program will be designed to relieve pain, improve strength and restore motion and mobility.

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