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Hand, Wrist & Elbow Physical Therapy

Hand, Wrist and Elbow injuries

Physical Therapist, Bergen County

Hand, wrist and elbow injuries or pain are very common with recreational activities and even just normal daily tasks. Injuries and pain can range from minor sprains or strains to severe injuries such as fracture to even repetitive tasks over time. Pain can be noted from the ligaments, muscles, joints or even from joints unrelated to the area such as the shoulder or neck. Overuse injuries (Repetitive stress/strain syndrome) is very common amongst computer users, wait staff, grocers and hair stylists.

Physical therapy can be helpful by identifying the problem, modifying work stations and looking for other reasons for the dysfunction. This allows the therapist to treat the causes while decreasing pain, and restoring your function.

Many times conservative care through physical therapy can prevent surgery especially for carpal tunnel syndrome. At Fort Lee Physical Therapy the latest and best evidence-based techniques and treatments are utilized to restore flexibility, joint mobility, strength, and balance—getting you effectively and efficiently back to function.

If you are looking to return to work or recreational sport/activity or just to be able to perform daily tasks without pain, Fort Lee Physical Therapy has the tools available to help you achieve your goals.

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  • Highly personalized and effective treatments​

    We believe that this one- on- one approach, coupled with patient education and the latest medically proven therapy techniques is the best way to provide you with the recovery that you deserve.​

  • Treating clients with dignity

    Our clients' dignity and goals are always kept in mind.​

  • Treatment paired with education and useful information​

    We treat people of all ages with acute and chronic ailments and we place a strong emphasis on home exercise programs along with patient education for better long-term results.

  • Safety is paramount​

    Our highly trained, professional therapists use the latest techniques which are safe and therapeutic. We are also COVID-compliant.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping you find pain relief, improve function to your body and maximize your physical well-being.

We aim to remain the premier provider of rehabilitation in the communities we serve.


Through our highly personalized, attentive care we aim to make your time spent with us remarkable and effective so that we become the outpatient provider and partner of choice in the communities we serve.​

We're A Team Of EXPERTS

Our highly skilled physical therapists hold a DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) Degree. This is the highest attainable degree in the physical therapy field, requiring 7-8 years of upper level education. Our physical therapist assistant has over 20 years experience in physical therapy.

Rest assured – you are in safe hands.

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Dr. Michael J. Dwyer


Dr. Michael (MJ) Marcano


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