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What We Treat

Knee Pain and Injuries

Knee pain can be noted from ligament sprains or tears, muscle imbalances, traumatic activities, or just plain getting older. Physical therapy on a knee is performed to treat the causes while decreasing pain, and restoring your function. Gait analysis can be performed to ensure that the cause is not coming from other joints such as the ankle or hip.

Shoulder Pain and Injuries

Physical therapy is a critical and essential part of any successful shoulder recovery and can be very effective in improving circulation. Additional blood flow can help to reduce swelling in the affected joint. Regular physical therapy session for the shoulder can maintain this increased circulation and eliminate the need for additional medications.

Ankle Pain and Foot Injuries

Many times conservative care through physical therapy for ankle & foot pain can prevent surgery, especially for ligament tears. Postoperatively, foot physical therapy can decrease pain, improve biomechanics and guide you to return to activity.If you are looking to return to recreational sport/activity or just to be able to walk or run without pain, ankle pain physical therapis has the tools available to help you achieve your goals.

Back Pain & Injuries

Spinal muscles may be weak but more often have poor endurance and coordination leading to pain, abnormal mechanics and posture. Pain may be associated with bone loss from aging, osteoporosis or postural changes over time. Physiotherapy for back pain can assist with posture and bone health. Physiotherapy for back pain is advanced training that combines soft tissue (massage) techniques, joint mobilization (stretching) and specific exercise to reduce pain and facilitate normal spinal function.

Hand, Wrist & Elbow Pain

Overuse hand & wrist injuries (repetitive stress/strain syndrome) are very common amongst computer users, wait staff, grocers and hairstylists. Pain can be noted from the ligaments, muscles, joints or even from joints unrelated to the area such as the shoulder or neck. Physical therapy can be helpful by identifying the problem, modifying work stations and looking for other reasons for the dysfunction. This allows the therapist to treat the causes while decreasing pain, and restoring your function.

Hip Pain & Injuries

Pain in or around the hip can be caused by a variety of different conditions including arthritis, bursitis, tendinopathies, muscle strains, osteonecrosis, tumors, snapping hip syndrome, nerve entrapments, etc. To identify the roots and the causes of pain, a full gait analysis should be performed. Correct physical therapy treatment will help you get back on track. Our clinic uses the most modern equipment, together with doctoral-level therapists is all you need to start feeling much better!

Pre- & Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

If you need to undergo surgery to assist in the management of a condition or injury, it is important that you are well educated on what the operation and rehabilitation will involve. This will help ensure the best outcomes from the operation. Pre-operative exercise reduces the length of stay both in Intensive Care facilities and in hospital. Post-operative – to recover as fast as possible!

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Children’s physical therapy assists in the early detection of health problems and uses a wide variety of modalities to treat disorders in the pediatric population. Our physical therapists work with infants, children, and teens, who range in age from newborn to 21 years old, to help them overcome movement dysfunctions related to a wide range of conditions.

Other Common Conditions

ACL tear/sprain, MCL/LCL tear/sprain, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Patellar tendonitis, Meniscus tears, Osteoarthritis (OA), Traumatic contusions, Fractures – all these conditions are successfully treated with physical therapy techniques. Your doctorate level therapist will personally work with you and your physician to create an individualized treatment plan and walk you through every step of your rehabilitation.

Our Specialities

manual therapy
Manual Therapy

Manual physical therapy involves one-on-one, hands-on, active and passive intervention techniques.

sports medicine
Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine physical therapy programs feature a unique blend of hands-on manual therapy, sports medicine and performance enhancement techniques.


Orthopedic injuries consist of injuries to the muscles, bones and joints. Your individualized and comprehensive program will be designed to relieve pain, improve strength and restore motion and mobility.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

We help children to develop, regain and improve their ability to move.
Depending on the age of the child, or the child’s physical limitations, moving may be learning how to roll or to sit on his/her own.

Amputee Care

Our amputee care program offers comprehensive evaluation, treatment and support prior to and/or after limb loss. This happens prior to and/or after limb loss.

car crash
Motor Vehicle Injury Rehabilitation

The evaluation and treatment of issues related to motor vehicle accidents. Our therapists have advanced training in dealing with issues related to motor vehicle accidents.

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